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Adolescent Females - Pelvic Health Education & Endometriosis

Each of the pieces run earlier this week have relevance to the athletic adolescent female population. However pelvic health and pelvic floor issues don’t affect only young female athletes!

The Women’s Health Foundation is expanding upon their successful Total Control program, developing a version of it specific for the adolescent female. This program utilizes a combination of didactic education and supervised exercise to give adolescent females important information about pelvic health that has short- and long-term relevance. Visit their site for more information, including how to find a program near you: Total Control

Endometriosis, a potentially painful and disabling condition in which the same tissue that forms the uterine lining starts growing inside the abdominal cavity (outside of the uterus), is a noteworthy potential cause of pelvic pain in women and was recently the focus of two pieces that Boston’s NPR affiliate, WBUR, published on its CommonHealth Blog. They tell well the compelling story of a teenage girl and her quest for care and answers for her pelvic pain, ultimately diagnosed as endometriosis. Definitely worth checking out this and other stories by CommonHealth!

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