Bladder and bowel health

Bladder & Bowel Diary

A bladder and/or bowel diary is a helpful tool to track voiding habits and can be useful to determine changes over time and to help your healthcare provider better understand your symptoms and make a plan of care. There are many versions that you can download and print for your own record-keeping: The Bladder and Bowel Diary from the Canadian medical system’s HealthLink program is comprehensive for bowel, bladder, and pain; the Uro-Log is designed for tracking bladder behaviors only, but includes a space for reporting food intake, as well (thumbs up for that feature!).

Bowel and bladder habits and behaviors are frequently intertwined and are influenced by (at minimum!) type, timing, and amount of fluid and food intake, as well as levels of stress, activity, and anxiety. Although tedious, the best and most accurate records will reflect all of these parameters, in addition to leakage, degree of urge, frequency, and use of pads or other protective garments.

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