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What Can the French Teach Us About Postpartum Care?

I have long been convinced that perinatal health care—notably issues of pelvic floor and general musculoskeletal health—can be improved dramatically by bringing rehabilitation professionals to the table in a meaningful way (keep an eye on Twitter for #seatatthetable). My resolve on this has only been strengthened (we’re talking iron-clad strengthened, here!) by my three pregnancies, childbirth experiences, and each ensuing recovery, where my specialized PT-knowledge was put to use to influence my short and long term outcomes.

I have frequently mentioned to colleagues and patients the different approach France has taken, providing free postpartum pelvic floor and abdominal rehabilitation to all mothers, and was happy to see both the New York Times (online) and willing to put out stories about the French model.

Eager to talk about the issue from a women’s health clinician’s perspective, I wrote the article “What Can The French Teach Us About Postpartum Care?” which was graciously posted by Isis Parenting on both the Connections In Care and Isis Parenting blogs. But whether this is a “timely” issue in the headlines of mainstream media/exclusive parenting websites or not, this discussion of postpartum care will and should only end when postpartum care is no longer needed (i.e. end of the world!)

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