Sexual Health

The topics below bring women’s sexual health to the forefront—a subject not generally on the list of acceptable discussions to have openly. We’re aiming to change that by publishing content about the common problems women face, advice from doctors and physical therapists in the field, and sharing experiences of real women.

Expert Commentary

Hear from sexual health experts about sexual dysfunction women are experiencing and the various options for treatment of issues including pelvic pain, painful sex and decreased libido.

Painful Sex Coverage

Sex in media and movies is often glorified. The reality is that sex is more complicated. And it’s actually painful for many women. But there are solutions. We applaud media outlets that cover this important topic and want to share some noteworthy coverage with you.

Sexual Health Resources

Here are a few sites we think are worthy of visiting if you’re looking for additional sexual health and sexual dysfunction information.

Orgasm, Inc.

A film worth checking out.


Hear from women who have suffered sexual dysfunction and have seen positive, life-changing results by seeking treatment.

When Sex Hurts

Sex can hurt. But it doesn’t have to. Find out what may be behind the symptoms and what can be done to relieve them and enjoy sex it.

Women of the World

Sexual Dysfunction

There are many factors, emotional and physical, that can “get in the way” of wanting and enjoying sex. But there are also many ways to address these issues.